If you’re considering upgrading with a new hot water heater installation in Eagle, ID, Perfect, Plumbing Heating & Air offers top industry expertise and products from only the most trusted manufacturers. While the latest and greatest may be a good fit, our goal isn’t to get you to choose the most expensive option. We want to help you find the hot water heater that’s the right fit for you and your goals, whether that’s energy efficiency, smartphone connectivity, or longevity.

Once you’ve got your new system installed, our team is here to help you keep up with hot water heater maintenance for a longer system lifespan, lower risk of repairs, and maximum efficiency! By scheduling annual maintenance, you’ll do wonders for ensuring your hot water heater continues to supply hot water throughout your home all year long.

From simple fixes to full hot water heater replacements, our team of qualified experts has you covered. We specialize in top-tier service that beats industry standards. In fact, we were awarded several honors in 2023 for that very reason!