Annual preventive maintenance of your equipment saves on energy costs and helps prevent untimely repair bills. We make it easy for you with our Perfect Care Maintenance Plan.

Peace of Mind Benefits
Priority Service on Emergency Repairs – Move Ahead of Non Members ($79)
10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty on HVAC System Replacements ($984)
5 Year Repair Warranty – HVAC Parts and Labor ($88)
No After Hours Fees on Service Calls for Emergency Repairs ($79)
5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty on Water Heater Replacements ($93)
Exclusive Membership Pricing and Promotions ($$$)
Heating and Air Benefits
Annual Tune-Up and Safety Check ($158)
FREE Air Filter Replacement (Up to 4″ MERV 8) ($73)
FREE Return Air Vent (Grille) Cleaning (INCLUDED)
FREE Battery Replacement during the Fall Season (Smoke/CO detectors) ($39)
Annual Refrigerant Level Check ($179)
FREE Electronic Leak Check with Low Levels of Refrigerant ($78)
Basic Outdoor Condenser Cleaning ($297)
Proof of Maintenance to comply with Manufacturers Warranty Requirements (INCLUDED)
10% Discount on HVAC Service Repairs ($$$)
Plumbing Benefits
Annual Home Plumbing Evaluation ($168)
FREE Standard Water Heater Flush ($99)
10% Discount on Plumbing Service Repairs ($$$)
Annual Bio One Drain Treatment ($45)
Priority Service on Repairs ($79)
Proof of Maintenance to comply with Manufacturers Warranty Requirements (INCLUDED)
Electrical Benefits from our partners at Magic!
10% Discount on Electrical Home Repairs ($$$)
No After Hours or Dispatch Fee ($79)
Total Value of Annual Benefits ($1373)
Cost – Complete HVAC System or Ductless System with One Head
Add $15/mo. for each additional HVAC Unit/$10 per each additional Ductless Head
Total Value of 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranties ($1165)
Your Monthly Cost: $19
Terms & Conditions:

For benefits to apply, client must be current on payment and service must be performed during scheduled maintenance. Services performed (1) one time annually or as needed. Batteries replaced (1) time per year in existing smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide monitors currently installed in the home, (does not include installation of new detectors). Standard Water Heater flush performed on units that have been flushed annually (or) are under 2 years old (or) with purchase of new water ball drain valves supplied by the company (1) per year unit. 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty applies to service and parts provided by Perfect Plumbing, Heating & Air. 12-month agreement, early cancellation will result in charges for any services or products received. Your continued Perfect Care Club Membership keeps your extended parts and labor warranty for HVAC and Water Heater Replacement active. Emergency repairs are limited to gas leaks, water leaks causing damage to property, main drain stoppages, and HVAC not working during times of extreme heat or cold. 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty applies to water heaters and HVAC equipment provided and installed by Perfect Plumbing, Heating, and Air.

Licenses: C-9456 & C-4885

Extended Home Care Options

Additional Heating + Air System, Only $15/month

Perfect Care Club


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Great Question! Just ask your Technician during your appointment. If you don’t have an appointment, we would be happy to help sign you up over the phone, please call (208) 261-1602.

    Unfortunately, we only offer memberships to residential homeowners.

    Congratulations on your new home! Good news, your membership can move with you! Just let us know the new address and we will set up your Perfect Care Club Plan as well as an Equipment Evaluation appointment, so you can continue to have peace of mind and enjoy your benefits.

    No, but we would be happy to sign up any homeowner so they can enjoy the same benefits. We love referrals!

    Yes, what a great gift! Give us a call and we can set this up for you and take care of all the rest – (208) 261-1602.

    We make it simple. Just give us a call us and we would be happy to update your payment information – (208) 261-1602.

    We can’t accept checks for the monthly payments, but we do accept ACH payments. All we need is your routing number and account number. This means less paper and no stamps.

    Your membership will come out on the 1st or the 15th of each month, whatever works better for you. If it happens to fall on a weekend, it will come out on the nearest business day.

    Your membership will auto-renew after the first year without skipping a beat. We want to ensure your home is protected and maintained regularly.

    We understand that when things happen unexpectedly, you need help right away! During regular business hours, all Perfect Care Club do not pay the trip charge. However, there is an after-hours emergency service trip charge of $79. As a Perfect Care Club, you receive preventative maintenance to greatly reduce the chances of ever being in an emergency situation.

    Memberships are an annual contract. After the first year, if you wish to cancel, we require a 30-day notice.

    We are sad to see you go! The Perfect Care Club service agreement is for one (1) year. If you wish to cancel your partnerships, you will be required to pay the remaining amount left on the service agreement term.

    Not at all, we will maintain your older equipment and let you know when to start planning for replacements. We want you to get the most life out of your equipment while keeping your home safe.

    Your technician will do a thorough inspection of your equipment for you while they are there for your appointment.

    No appointment? No problem! We will give you a call and schedule our Comfort Specialist to come visit you at your home to collect equipment information, such as model numbers and filter size. This ensures we can provide you with the best service when scheduling your seasonal check-ups.

    Perfect Care Club have no trip charges! You also receive priority scheduling for repairs and installations.

    Absolutely! Once you are signed up you can enjoy your benefits right away. Please keep in mind, any service performed by Perfect, completed prior to the contracted service agreement is not eligible for Perfect Care Club discounts. Talk to our Service Technician for more details.

    Great question, we make it easy. An additional furnace is only $15.00 per month.

    We want you to get the best price so your technician will provide separate pricing options with your membership discount and with a promotion or coupon. Whichever option gives you the best price is the one you will get! Like us on Facebook @A1PlumbingandPerfectAir or our online offers to see the newest promotions available.

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