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Water Softener Installation in Boise, ID

Water Softener Installations—Without the Guesswork

Tired of white residue on your dishes and stains on your clothes? A whole-home water softener can help combat these hard water problems. Our technicians will take the time to accurately assess your home and water supply so we can determine which type of softener is best for your home.

Plus, when you choose us to install your water softener, you'll get:

Water Softener Installation Cost

Cost to install a water softener in Boise

  • Low cost: $1,900
  • Average cost: $3,200
  • High cost: $5,500

Water softener installation cost factors

  • The type of water softener you choose. You can choose between these 4 types of water softeners: ion-exchange, salt-free, dual-tank and magnetic water softeners. Ion-exchange softeners are generally the most affordable (and the most popular). Our specialists will help you determine which type of water softener is best for your home.
  • Water softener size: The "size" of a water softener doesn't refer to its physical dimensions, but rather how much hard water it can remove per day. Bigger water softeners are generally more expensive. We'll help you calculate the correct size unit for your home since it can be difficult to compute on your own.
  • Upgrades to your home's plumbing: If your plumber needs to update any of your home's piping to accommodate the water softener, then the cost of the installation will be greater.
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How It Works

How we provide Red Carpet service

  1. Schedule your FREE estimate

    Call (208) 629-5192 or contact us online to choose a time for one of our trusted water softener specialists to visit your home.

  2. Receive an arrival call

    A project manager will call you 30-45 min before the water softener specialist arrives at your home.

  3. Get an installation estimate

    Once our water softener specialist arrives, they'll ask about your water quality needs and inspect your home's plumbing system. After this preliminary inspection, they'll give you an upfront quote on the cost to install the water softener system.

  4. Relax while we install your water softener

    All you have to do is sit back and relax. We'll handle all of the complicated installation work make sure your new water softener system is working perfectly before we leave your home.

  5. Let us know how we did

    Share your experience with us. If we did not exceed your expectations, we'll do everything we can to make it right.

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Here's our promise to you: When we install your water softener, we'll deliver precisely what we promise. And if we don't? We'll make things right.

Reverse osmosis

Get a reverse osmosis system with your water softener

  1. A reverse osmosis (RO) system is a type of water filter that adds extra purification to your home's drinking water. While a water softener reduces hardness in the water, a reverse osmosis system purifies the water. It does this by using a high-pressure pump to force water through a filter (membrane) to remove contaminants.
  2. These two systems pair well together because a water softener can protect a reverse osmosis system and make it last longer. For the most effective filtration, we would suggest installing both a water softener and a reverse osmosis system.
  3. A few benefits of an RO system include: Better tasting water, healthier drinking water, little energy usage (compared to other water purifiers), easy maintenance, fits in small spaces.
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