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Cost of a sump pump replacement in Boise

  • Low cost: $1,300
  • Average cost: $1,500
  • High cost: $2,000

Sump pump replacement cost factors

  • Type of pump: Price changes from a pedestal pump (cheaper) to a submersible pump (more expensive).
  • Type of floor: Installing a sump pump in a cement floor costs more than installing one in a dirt or gravel floor.
  • Pump location: If your home’s plumbing is dense and complex in the area where we need to install/replace the pump, the job will be harder and therefore increase the price.
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    Once you choose an option, we strive to install your sump pump that same day. The tech will ensure that the work area is cleaner than when he arrived.

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Signs You Need a New Sump Pump

You'll need a new sump pump soon if...

  1. It's noisy. Noises indicate worn or damaged parts. For example, if your pump sucked up hard debris, it will damage the impeller (it's like a propeller that draws things in) and create noise. Once bent, the impeller is nearly impossible to unbend, so your best bet is to replace the unit.
  2. It's getting power but not working. This indicates an electrical problem inside the pump. As you know, water and electricity are a dangerous duo, so we suggest replacing the pump.
  3. It stopped working entirely. If the pump isn't getting power and has stopped working entirely, then your motor may be burned out. In which case, you must replace the pump. Before that, check to make sure the pump is plugged in and that the circuit breaker has not tripped.
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