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Our new maintenance plan is truly that — a subscription based plan that will allow you to maintain all of your plumbing and HVAC equipment for years to come. With either of our maintenance plan options – our basic green or more inclusive purple plan – you can rest easy knowing that your equipment will have yearly checks, 5 year parts and labor warranties, free battery replacements, and of course you’ll never see any after hours fees and you’ll be our priority customer!

Check out some additional benefits of our Green and Purple plans:


Our green plan is our basic maintenance plan.

With our green plan, you will get:

  • Priority service on emergency repairs
  • 5 year parts and labor warranty on our work
  • No after hours fees
  • An annual HVAC and plumbing safety check
  • Battery replacements on your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and thermostat
  • A standard water heater flush

Our green plan is a great option if you just want your annual system checks to keep your equipment in warranty.

Green Plan Cost: $19/mo.


Our purple plan is our all inclusive maintenance plan that gives our clients the most peace of mind.

With our purple plan, you will get everything in the green plan, PLUS:

  • No diagnostic charges
  • Free filter replacements 2″ or 4″ MERV 8 Media
  • An outdoor condenser cleaning
  • A free humidifier pad replacement
  • An indoor blower fan cleaning
  • A tanked OR tankless water heater flush
  • Free sediment filter replacement for your water heater
  • Free water softener salt and deliveries to your home
  • A free toilet parts rebuild on all toilets in your home

Our purple plan is for you those who want complete peace of mind! With our purple plan, you can rest assured that all of your equipment stays in warranty. In addition, if you have anything like a humidifier, tankless water heater, or water softener, you’re going to love the purple plan!

Purple Plan Cost: $39/mo.

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See what some of our current maintenance plan customers have to say about our Perfect Care Club plan: