Coronavirus – Reassurance from Perfect Plumbing, Heating & Air

On behalf of everyone at Perfect, we share your concerns about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and hope that it is not bringing you and your family too much worry or hardship.

As we begin to see more business temporarily closing in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, we want to assure you that we here at Perfect Plumbing, Heating, and Air intend to stay open. The government permits “Essential Businesses” to stay open during this time. This includes businesses that provide services necessary to maintain essential operation of residences and specifically mentions plumbers, electricians, and HVAC companies. We want to make sure that you, our clients around the Treasure Valley, know that as you stay and work from home, we’ll be there if you experience any home plumbing or HVAC needs.

The health and safety of all customers and staff is our overwhelming priority, as you would expect. Below are some things we’ve been doing around the office to ensure your health and safety.

Reassurance & Safety

  1. Social Distancing
    While our techs normally greet or clients with a handshake, at this time, we are asking all of our employees to do their best to stay around 6 feet away from all other individuals. This also means we will not be having our clients sign anything that they will have to hand back to our technicians.
  2. Sanitation Procedures
    You can be reassured that our technicians will be taking extra sanitary measurements before each and every house call. They will be wearing shoe covers in every home and making sure all of their equipment will be cleaned and disinfected before being brought into your home, and again after leaving.
  3. Clean Work Areas
    After our employees have left your house, they will make sure it is as clean as (or cleaner than) it was when they entered. If you are available, you will be shown the work area.
  4. Our technicians:
    Will not be able to enter your home if they’ve travelled internationally in the 14 days. In addition, any technician that isn’t feeling well will be staying home.
  5. Remember, YOU are in charge!
    If you have any requirements that would make you feel more comfortable, we will adhere to them. It is your home and family, and we will act accordingly to reassure you in these challenging times.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call. In addition, we are asking that if you aren’t feeling well, that you reschedule any non-emergency visits to your home. As you can imagine, the safety of our staff is of utmost importance to us and we want to do anything we can to make sure that they are kept as healthy as possible.

As a community, there have been many trying times we’ve faced together during the many years that Perfect Plumbing, Heating & Air has been in business. This is another one, but one that we will rise to together.

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