How Much Does a Furnace Repair Cost in Boise?

Furnace on the fritz?

If so, the first question on your mind is: How much is it going to cost me to fix it?

In Boise, the average cost to repair a furnace is $550, but the price ranges from $225 to $2,800+.

We’ll share the factors that determine price to give you a better idea of what you could pay.

Factors that affect furnace repair cost include:

  1. The part that needs to be repaired or replaced
  2. Whether or not your warranty is still valid
  3. The Boise contractor you hire

Let’s go into more detail about each of these factors.

Need your furnace repaired quickly by a Boise pro?

Cost factor #1: The part that needs to be repaired or replaced

The part that’s broken in your furnace will largely determine the cost of your repair.


Well, some furnace replacement parts are more expensive than others, and some parts take longer to repair or replace, which makes the labor more expensive.

To give you an idea of what some repairs cost, we’ll share some common furnace repairs we see in the Boise area:

  • Heat exchanger replacement: $800–$2,800
  • Blower motor replacement: $580–$1,500
  • Gas burner replacement: $550–$600
  • Flame sensor or thermocouple replacement: $220–$400
  • Thermostat replacement: $250–450

Cost factor #2: Whether or not your warranty is still valid

After seeing that list of furnace repairs, you might be worried by those steep prices.

The good news is, your warranty might help with some of the cost.

When your furnace was installed, it came with 2 types of warranties:

1. Parts warranty: This warranty comes from the manufacturer of your furnace (Bryant, Trane, Carrier, etc.) and covers the cost of a replacement part if a part fails due to a manufacturer error. Manufacturer parts warranties will typically cover certain important parts for 5 to 10 years. The heat exchanger, which is an essential part of your furnace system, is usually covered by the manufacturer up to the lifetime of the unit (15 to 20 years).

To know which parts are covered by the manufacturer and for how long, search for your furnace model number on the manufacturer’s website or contact the manufacturer directly.

2. Labor warranty: A labor warranty is usually issued by the contractor who installed your furnace. This warranty covers the cost of labor needed to fix anything that was installed incorrectly, or if a part gives out within the first year of the furnace’s life. The length of labor warranty will vary from contractor to contractor. A contractor can also issue a labor warranty on repair work they perform. For example, if a contractor fixes a part but that same part breaks after 6 months, a contractor may fix that part again for free.

To find out what furnace repairs are covered under your labor warranty, contact the company who installed your last repaired your furnace.

A note about manufacturer parts warranties

Most manufacturers will ask for proof that you’ve met their requirements (the “fine print”) before they will honor your warranty.

These requirements include:

  • Registering your furnace with the manufacturer. Most manufactures will require you to register your furnace with them within 9 months from the day it was installed.
  • Having your furnace regularly maintained by a certified professional. Furnace parts break down faster if they haven’t been regularly maintained. If you haven’t regularly hired a pro to maintain your furnace (at least once per year), then the manufacturer may not consider your warranty valid.
  • Using only manufacturer-approved (OEM) replacement parts when you need a part replaced. Off-brand replacement parts might not be compatible with your furnace system, which could be the reason your furnace is breaking down. If your furnace breaks down because your tech didn’t use an authorized replacement part, that means the manufacturer won’t be obligated to honor the parts warranty. So, before a tech replaces a part, verify that they will only use a manufacturer-approved part.

Cost factor #3: The Boise contractor you hire

Who you hire to repair your furnace also influences what you’ll pay.

Now you might ask, aren’t all furnace techs the same?

Not exactly. You see, contractors with more experience will generally charge more for their repair services.

But don’t let a higher price tag prevent you from hiring an experienced pro. A good HVAC contractor will make sure your furnace is fixed right the first time, which means you’ll avoid paying for the same repair down the road.

So, how do you find an experienced, high-quality contractor here in Boise? You can start by following the tips below.

Make sure the contractor you choose…

  • Is licensed (so you know they are obeying local laws and codes)
  • Is insured (so you aren’t liable if something goes wrong on the job)
  • Has 10+ years of experience working on furnaces
  • Has good customer reviews on sites like GoogleFacebook and the Better Business Bureau
  • Guarantees their furnace repairs

Need your furnace repaired by a Boise pro?

When you hire one of our trustworthy techs, you’ll get:

  • Precise, upfront pricing
  • Precise written agreements
  • Precise guarantees on all furnace repairs

Visit our furnace repair page for more information about what to expect when you hire us.

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