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Cost of a furnace installation in Boise

  • Low cost: $2,200
  • Average cost: $5,000
  • High cost: $8,500

Furnace installation cost factors

  • Efficiency (AFUE) rating: High-efficiency furnaces are more expensive, but they also help lower your monthly energy bills. A higher AFUE also means you'll have a lower carbon footprint, so you're doing right by the earth.
  • Size (BTUs): Larger homes need larger furnaces, which are more expensive.
  • Blower type: Want even more comfort? Get a variable speed blower, which can precisely control how much air is delivered into your home.
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How It Works

How we provide Red Carpet service

  1. Schedule with ease

    Call (208) 629-5192 or contact us online to choose a time that works best for you.

  2. Know exactly when we'll arrive

    No more waiting around! We will call you 30-45 min before your comfort replacement specialist arrives at your home.

  3. Comfort assessment

    Upon arrival, your comfort replacement specialist will ask you about your comfort needs, assess the type of furnace system you have, and do the necessary calculations to determine your upgrade options.

  4. Get upfront pricing

    Your specialist will sit down with you and present all your options—pricing included.

  5. Hassle-free installation

    Once you choose an option, we can typically install your furnace the very next day. The install team will put on shoe covers and roll out the red carpet to protect your home's floor.

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Here's our promise to you: We'll deliver precisely the solution that you want for your furnace installation. And if we don't? We'll make things right.

Signs You Need a New Furnace

You'll need a new furnace soon if...

  1. Your furnace is at "retiring age". In Idaho, furnaces live 10-15 years on average. That's usually when the heat exchanger cracks. And the cost of replacing the heat exchanger is so great that it makes more sense to get a new furnace.
  2. You've had frequent expensive repairs. While technically you can keep your furnace if this happens, why would you want to? No use sinking money into an old system that keeps breaking down.
  3. You hate your high energy bills. Upgrading from an old, inefficient furnace to a modern, mid to high-efficiency furnace can easily cut 10% to 30% off your heating bills.
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