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Perfect Plumbing Heating Air
Catherine Partida
Catherine Partida 5.0

Mariah Vega
Mariah Vega 5.0

Susan Young
Susan Young 5.0

Eric Tremmel
Eric Tremmel 5.0

We had to have our main service line replaced and the house re-piped, everything was done very fast and professionally. When we had an issue with a leak after the fact, they came out and quickly took care of the problem. Great company!

Josh Mozes
Josh Mozes 1.0

We had been suspicious that Perfect Plumbing Heating and Air was trying to sell unnecessary repairs at very high prices. Service folks actually threatened imminent danger such as carbon monoxide poisoning and flooding of our house. With these threats ...we have actually spent thousands in repairs. To confirm our suspicions we asked for a second opinion. Turns out our massive refrigerant leak, an approximate $1400 repair job, was actually a minor decrease due to normal use. Our imminent furnace disaster, is actually normal wear and tear. We have already replaced our two 5 year old water heaters because of an imminent massive flood, we are now very suspicious this was not needed as well. I would highly recommend a second opinion for any recommended service from Perfect Plumbing.Read More...

Lacey Darrow
Lacey Darrow 5.0

Ken came out to preform a check up on our air conditioning unit. He did a great job and was wonderful to work with.

jason haas
jason haas 5.0

Justin Yonk
Justin Yonk 5.0

They are always very timely and do a thorough job with all of their work. I've used them for putting in a new furnace, new air conditioner, and updated plumbing, and everything has worked consistently great. Definitely recommend!

Robert Malecki
Robert Malecki 5.0

Leora McCloskey
Leora McCloskey 5.0

Josh M. was our tech and he was amazing. So friendly, efficient, and got everything repaired quickly and easily. We are in the middle of a heat wave, but Perfect Plumbing made a point to schedule us fast, and constantly stayed in touch with us to make it ...happen. Truly, it's a bigger company now, but the customer service is still being handled as if it were a smaller company, which means everything. Thank you Josh!Read More...

P.M. Briede
P.M. Briede 5.0

I was so pleased with the service we received from Jeff and Zach. We had a water softener installed and I had a thousand questions. They were patient and proactive and extremely professional. Overall we’ve always had good service with Perfect Plumbing ...but these gentlemen went above and beyond.Read More...

Joanne Wright
Joanne Wright 5.0

We had a leak in a pipe. I called to see if They could get to My house that day. They arrived within an hour. The tech was friendly and very prompt fixing the problem. I would recommend them to Anyone.

jan strough
jan strough 5.0

Today Ryan was our PERFECT Professional Plumber on a call we requested. He called and came over to our house. He was very informative and patient with our questions. It was refreshing to be treated so kind as we are older. He was not a pushy salesman. I ...worried about keeping him so long. We have an older 2 s level 1960 house and it took time to follow the pipes so he could answer all my questions. I have a good understanding of what we need to do thanks to Ryan. We will definately call them when we are ready to forward with replacing all pipes. I would have signed up for their monthly tune up plan if it covered plumbing only. I currently am under contract for HVAC and just learned today from Ryan that PERFECT handles plumbing, heating and air. So I learned alot today. I am so pleased he didn't rush us and wasn't pushy. He is such a nice young man. Jan and Larry StroughRead More...

Nicole Molsee
Nicole Molsee 5.0

Davey Brown
Davey Brown 5.0

M 2.0

PROS -Employees are nice and very giving of their time -Work seems good -Timely CONS -UP-SELLING -More expensive -Shady business practices Our AC unit needed something repaired that would cost a lot and was cheap builder-grade equipment that was about ...10 years old. So we decided to replace the whole HVAC system - furnace and AC unit.  First concern is that on the furnace one valve wasn't fully tightened during install and we had gas or something leaking into our garage. Very strong smell - but not a gas smell - and occasionally smelled it faintly through the air vents in the house. So that's concerning! But, they sent someone out to take a look and got it resolved quickly, no more issues since then. In reading other reviews, I knew to expect that they would be a little pricey - and they are. I'm ok paying a little more for a job well done, the part I got tired of was the continuous up-selling. John M came and gave us a quote, nice guy, a little pushy, but doing his job. Of course there was a lot of "you can get this extra stuff included, but only if you agree to everything today." We opted for 3 additional years of their service plan, what John didn't tell us (and none of the paperwork provided by Perfect states, see pics) is that at the time they had 3 different service plans and we would be getting the middle one. Between the time that we agreed on their bid and install, they consolidated those 3 plans into 2. John and I spent a lot of time on the phone late in the evening haggling. I really appreciate his willingness to talk with us until after 10pm that night - he gets a commission. But I don't like haggling and don't understand why it is even a thing for this equipment (i.e. if I'm able to get option 3 at the price of option 2, without additional incentives, why don't you just offer me that up front?). I also don't like that I can't see what the straight up price for equipment is, he went to his truck to get a specific set of bids for just me that are then hand-written. I'd rather have something a little more concrete and coming from a manufacturer - it all feels a little shady. The day of install our techs, Josh and Shane, worked hard all day, were very respectful of Covid-19 safety procedures, and answered all questions very well! But of course they each tried to up-sell me at separate times for more equipment. There was also that issue of the loose valve. So far the equipment seems to be working well (about 4 weeks after install). The city inspector who came out to check the install also did not seem to do a thorough job - didn't check for CO2 detectors, did a visual and exterior-only once over of AC and furnace, no measurements taken, talked to me the entire time. Honestly, it seems like he has some sort of working relationship with Perfect. Again, shady. In between install and now, I was contacted by a rep from Perfect to try and get me to upgrade to their higher level plan - wait - John told me that I was going to be getting all these things weeks ago, why am I being asked to pay more for exactly what I was promised in the first place? I spoke with an account manager of some kind, Scott, several times to try and get the deal that we had agreed to on day 1. He spoke with the owner, John C., and the owner refused to give me what I was sold. I was finally able to get them to throw in air filters for the length of our service plan (which we were told we would get in the first place, so it's not actually a deal). I know they won't take any more time on this, here's what I would recommend to others: -Push for discounts, they are over-charging for everything and can easily afford to take some off. -Ask them what they think of other companies in town and watch how quickly they are willing to trash them for a sale (experienced this with both sales and techs). -Get everything in detailed writing, they will not hold up their end on verbal agreements. -Be ready for some shady business practices (Reply below is a bot. 2 weeks, no "reach out")Read More...

Benjamin Luu
Benjamin Luu 5.0

Brandon the technician was very professional and knowledgeable, he provided an excellent service to repair my home A/C. Thank you.

Coach Natasha
Coach Natasha 1.0

I hired this company to service my a/c and heating unit. They told me my furnace was cracked in 3 places and they wouldn't turn it on as I could have a gas leak. They called there salesman to our house right away. they quoted us a ridiculous twice the ...price as any other loaction. Then my husband called a different company out for another quote. That company put in a camera and told us we didn't have a single crack and our furnace was in great condition. I was so mad that this company tried to scare us into buying a furnace and charges twice the price.Read More...

erwin kaw
erwin kaw 5.0

Stan Schriber
Stan Schriber 5.0

Jodi Spencer
Jodi Spencer 5.0

Allen and Jonah were extremely professional and explained everything as they proceeded with the job. They did an amazing job! I will recommend Perfect Plumbing to anyone that asks. Thank you for providing a wonderful experience!

Keith Harts
Keith Harts 4.0

Miesha Watkins
Miesha Watkins 5.0

Today we had Kevin come out from Perfect plumbing to preform a check up on our air conditioning unit. He was super nice and explained what he was going to check for. He gave me a suggestion about how I can winterize the A/C for next year to keep the unit ...in top shape. Kevin was great!! We have had a lot of work done on our home by Perfect plumbing and I will call them every time the need arises.Read More...

Joey Machtinger
Joey Machtinger 5.0

It was.... perfect.

Mary Farrar
Mary Farrar 5.0

Allen Grengs
Allen Grengs 5.0

Josh Moran Was the supervisor on the project being done at my house installing a mini split ductless heating system also he installed a heater/exhaust fan in my remodeled garage bathroom They did a fantastic job I would definitely recommend them thanks ...again Josh I would recommend them! And Will and David who actually installed the unit were very creative in accommodating what I needed. They are true tradesmen and I would highly recommend them.Read More...

Alan Barkan
Alan Barkan 5.0

A true test of a persons character is tested when something goes wrong and how they respond. Initially, Tom Scott replaced a filter in my faucet and it ultimately did not correct the problem. I called him back and Tom indicated a total replacement of the ...faucet would be required. He came out again, without charge, and replaced the entire faucet. He also notice some mold underneath the sink and cleaned that as well. Strong recommendation.Read More...

Brooke Terteling
Brooke Terteling 5.0

The technicians are very transparent on what they are doing and walk you through it. The scheduling process has been great as well, easy and fast.

Kevin W
Kevin W 5.0

I've been a customer of Perfect Plumbing Heating & Air for a few years now. Recently, they helped me upgrade my HVAC system from the original Furnace & A/C circa 1984 to a brand new energy efficient Heat Pump. Everyone from the dispatch to the sales team ...to the installation crew were extremely professional, communicative, and friendly. I highly recommend them for your plumbing and HVAC needs.Read More...

Pat Rek
Pat Rek 5.0

Very good job, satisfactory plumbing checkup. Technician Steve followed excellent covid-19 guidelines

Jeff Gabica
Jeff Gabica 5.0

Nancy Fehringer
Nancy Fehringer 5.0

David was very thorough and knowledgeable. There were a lot of things going on with our AC system because it’s very old, but he never gave a hard sell, just recommended a long list of what needs to be fixed, and then let us know that a consult with a ...design pro is free if we decide to replace the AC. Appreciated his care with the proper precautions during this pandemic and his kind demeanor.Read More...

Kyle Anderson
Kyle Anderson 5.0

The plumber was on time and professional. Bryce was awesome! He called to confirm the appointment and called again after making sure everything went well. Thanks!

celia bittiker
celia bittiker 5.0

This company is awesome! Tyler showed up on time, was knowledgable and professional. After finding out we were misquoted over the phone on the service, he still honored the quote! Best plumping service experience I've ever had! Thanks!

Angel A
Angel A 5.0

Hello, as expected from previous experiences, I had just had the best experience yet working with Perfect Plumbing. But today was even better. Not totally was Tyler quick and efficient with putting in the three toilets, he was also very kind, gracious ...and professional. Like other times with perfect plumbing, he was very honest, asked if there was anything else he could help me with, and he did not try to up-sell. The service was much quicker than expected, plus he changed a washer on my outdoor faucet free of charge. After Tyler left, I was really happy with the way the toilets looked and the way he cleaned up everything and what that extra mile to do so. I was on my way to a really great day.Read More...

Monte King
Monte King 5.0

Christina Olson
Christina Olson 5.0

I am a loyal Perfect Plumbing and Air customer because of their great customer service. The technicians are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I appreciate the peace of mind I get by participating in the yearly plumbing/heating/air conditioning ...maintenance program. After their technician’s inspection, I’m presented with good information and can choose whether to follow up on their recommendations, if any. When I’ve had to make an emergency call, I’ve been impressed with their quick response and appreciate the discount I receive because of my annual maintenance program membership. I highly recommend Perfect Plumbing and Air.Read More...

Melissa Vassiliadis
Melissa Vassiliadis 5.0

Tom was not only on time but he was very nice and professional. Very happy with our experience, the problem was solved quickly and painlessly.

Jana McClelland
Jana McClelland 5.0

HVAC Jake 5.0

Love everyone here!!!

Ursula TV
Ursula TV 5.0

Barbara Watson
Barbara Watson 5.0


Beth Baker
Beth Baker 5.0

My husband and I were very pleased with our Heating & Air Specialist, Kevin Orn. He didn't just do his job he educated us along the way. Explained what and why and was very professional, polite, personable, was on time. Thank you so much, Perfect ...Plumbing is our new go to service!Read More...

Amanda Kelley
Amanda Kelley 5.0

Wow! I had both Ken and Trevor our to our home for an inspection and evaluation of our A/C, furnace, water heater, and water conditioner. They were fantastic! They educated me on the units and made reasonable recommendations without being pushy. They ...were kind and considerate. 5 stars for sure!!Read More...

Sian Johnson
Sian Johnson 5.0

Jeff was our technician! He was really nice. He explained everything very thoroughly. Showed me where the problems were and how he was going to fix it and after he fixed it showed me it. He cleaned everything up after he was all done. When I called for a ...technician, within 30min he was calling me to tell me he was on his way. I did not have to wait days to get help! Thanks Jeff for helping us out! Definitely recommend him and this company!Read More...

Lawrence Standley
Lawrence Standley 5.0

Needed a water service line replacement, new water heater and softener plus a new furnace and supply-air ducting. Without exception, the installers were tops. Kept the place clean, work quality was excellent, great to deal with personally--including the ...office staff. I was astonished that all went so well with such a complex job. Impressed! June 2020. Been using their routine maintenance program for years now. Every technician has been absolutely tops.Read More...

John Parry
John Parry 4.0

Dan Gray
Dan Gray 5.0

I clicked on all of the above. They don't come anymore professional then Trevor Williams. This guy is a huge asset to Prefect Plumbing and express's his love for the company time & time again. What a mentor he was for Hunter the one day Hunter was here ...at our place. It was a joy to see such comradery. Good quality, great response, always there when promised. As far as Good Value, take some off my bill, then it was a very good valve. We've went with A-1, now Prefect, for going on 30 years now. This company will always be our go to company for any plumbing heating & air service, for the very reasons stated above. Many thanks for those years of service also. Great job Trevor & Hunter. You dudes rock! And that from a 75 year old!! Hunter, Mary says remember always take a lunch, even if it's peanut butter & jelly. Thanks again guys, great job.Read More...

Natalie Hausser
Natalie Hausser 5.0

Trevor Wolfe did my tune up on my HVAC system and did a fantastic job! He was friendly with my toddler and my two crazy dogs. He was on time, professional and my AC unit has never looked so clean! Installed the Phenomenal Aire, changed my filters and ...made adjustments to my thermostat to better fit our needs. Will recommend Trevor to everyone I know!Read More...

Linda Smith
Linda Smith 5.0

Grant Anderson
Grant Anderson 5.0

Very good and polite, thankyou

Richard Stover
Richard Stover 5.0

Bill Tambin
Bill Tambin 5.0

They did a great job replacing my bathtub. I highly recommend them.

Nina Henson
Nina Henson 5.0

I appreciate the professional knowledge and care of my air conditioner. I definitely recommend them.

Michael DiMatteo
Michael DiMatteo 5.0

As good as the customer service was in terms of scheduling and providing advanced notice of the technician's arrival, it was the technician himself and the quality/cleanliness of his work that warrants the 5-start rating. If you can ask for a technician ...by name, ask for Tom Scott. His work and professionalism were consistent with the company name...PERFECT!Read More...

Jeremy Chase
Jeremy Chase 4.0

Great work!

Brian Crownover
Brian Crownover 5.0

Professional and knowledgable plumber fixed when others could not.

Rob Hill
Rob Hill 5.0

There were problems with the initial visit, however they were brilliant responding and solving the problem. I was very impressed by how professional they were from customer service to the follow up response. They went above and beyond to make sure i was ...satisfied and correct the initial issue. Ryan was very knowledgeable and patient and walked me through the whole process. I would use them again for sure.Read More...

Raymond Bell
Raymond Bell 4.0

Katt Flamm
Katt Flamm 5.0

So far have had good experience with Perfect. Everyone sent out for plumbing and HVAC have been knowledgeable and friendly. While they are not the cheapest they offer great bang for your buck. The quality of their labor is very good. They seem to ...actually do things correctly and care about the quality. Their prices also tend to be all inclusive so you're not getting a bill just to be told there are extra charges on top. For an older home where much is not up to current codes they're great. We have had horrible luck with contractors and cheaper companies. Often the material used is good but the quality of the labor is awful! No greenboard behind tile in shower, improperly installed furnace, wrong coolant added to AC, particle board used for supports that nails ripped out of quickly, etc. Inlaws even had a metal roof that was wasn't srewed in properly!! Its been very frustrating trying to find reliable work in the Valley. Glad we found Perfect Plumbing.Read More...

Steve Holbrook
Steve Holbrook 5.0

Excellent service all around!

Robert Forbes
Robert Forbes 5.0

I had Kevin out several time's, first to diagnose my furnace issue then to do the repairs he identified. He was always completely professional and very knowledgeable. Perfect Plumbing always called before their technicians were on the way out to my house ...and were very easy to work with. Perfect Plumbing will be my go to HVAC company in the Treasure Valley from here on out. They exceeded my expectations in all aspects of the repairs they did for me. I would give them 6 stars if I could. Kevin you Rock...!!Read More...

Christine Petersen
Christine Petersen 5.0

Kevin was very thorough on our heating and air inspection. He was very informative. We have dealt with Perfect Plumbing on other jobs and they have always been spot on and they have great customer service. I would definitely recommend them for your ...heating and ac needs. They are great for plumbing needs as well.Read More...

james williams
james williams 5.0

david beneduci
david beneduci 5.0

Steven Lodis
Steven Lodis 5.0

Great service and communication.

Jason Lilly
Jason Lilly 5.0

Amie Ramirez
Amie Ramirez 5.0

Allen was prepared to provide me with an estimate as requested and complete the work on the same day if selected. He did a great job with minimal interruption to my work day.

sherry johnson
sherry johnson 5.0

We had our main water line under the house break. We decided rather than doing another patch job we would do all the plumbing in our 50 year old house. They did an amazing job and our water pressure and hot water is better than it ever was. We also use ...them for our heating and air conditioning tuneups. They are in amazing company, always on time, and their technicians are very knowledgeable.Read More...

Quentin D
Quentin D 5.0

Sent a tech out quickly. Leading up to the visit sent updates via text of when to expect tech along with a photo of the tech that was scheduled so that I knew who to let in my house. Work was done quickly with no mess afterwards. Will call again for ...future plumbing needs.Read More...

Rich Wright
Rich Wright 5.0

I had an HVAC tune-up today to get ready for a HOT AC-filled summer and couldn’t be happier with the service that technician Ken provided. He was so knowledgeable and made sure I understood everything he was doing. All turned out A-OK with the HVAC ...system but Ken was also able to take care of a separate plumbing issue; all during the same service call — no separate appointment and no separate service call fee required. That’s a breathe of fresh air! I have used Perfect Plumbing and Air for years and have always been fully satisfied with their work. I would recommend them, and Ken, to anyone! Well done team!Read More...

Patrick Curtis
Patrick Curtis 5.0

Victor Haines
Victor Haines 5.0

Daniel Stowe was our plumbing specialist and he did an excellent job repairing our toilet. He was courteous and very efficient and finished the repair in a timely manner. We will request him specifically the next time we have a plumbing need.

Kirk Halford
Kirk Halford 5.0

Julianne Harper
Julianne Harper 5.0

Preston was awesome! Your employees are always professional and Preston was especially personable. He immediately noticed my husband’s military stuff in our front room and thanked him for his service. He was installing a new utility sink/cabinet in my ...laundry room and did a beautiful job!Read More...

Pete Cizmich
Pete Cizmich 5.0

Appreciated service person wearing mask, shoe covers and keeping safe distance. He showed awareness and consideration for the fact we are in the high risk group for covid19. He did a good job and was informative about any possible issues we need to ...know about. Thanks for a job well done.Read More...

Anita Allex
Anita Allex 5.0

pat da flattop
pat da flattop 5.0

Perfect Plumbing Heating and Air showed up on time and ready to help. Our technician did exactly what he said he would do and more. He showed us some money saving tips as well. I'm always going to call this company for my heating and air issues!

Sabrina p
Sabrina p 5.0

Our technician John M. Was super friendly and knowledgeable. He did a thorough job inspecting eveything and was able to get our air conditioner up and running quickly. John also took extra time to explain what he was doing to my 6-year-old, inquisitive ...son. I would definitely recommend Perfect Heating and Air to anyone looking to have work done.Read More...

Bruce Schoeberl
Bruce Schoeberl 5.0

Don Larsen
Don Larsen 5.0

Friendly and knowledgeable did a great job.

Christopher Canclini
Christopher Canclini 5.0

George Hill
George Hill 4.0


Amy Baruch
Amy Baruch 4.0

John Croake
John Croake 5.0

We were very pleased with the services provided by Steve and John. Both were very professional and thoroughly explained the provided services. We wish John had told us how long the aroma from whatever he injected in the ducting would last. We could smell ...it late into the evening.Read More...

Karen Frye
Karen Frye 5.0

Pat Hullar
Pat Hullar 5.0

Danny Sarceda
Danny Sarceda 5.0

Just had Ken T. out to do maintenance on the A/C and furnace for the season. He helped remedy a small issue with the furnace and was great at explaining anything throughout the process. Ken is very personable and was great with my dog...I highly ...recommend him for any future jobs!Read More...

Fred Myers
Fred Myers 5.0

Chris is a professional and conscience technician. He is also a very nice person. We are pleased to reccomend your service. Thank you for introducing us to your company.

Joshua Brice
Joshua Brice 5.0

Tina Ridgeway
Tina Ridgeway 5.0

Kevin provided excellent service, performing maintenance and system checks in a professional and timely manner. Very pleased with the service, the company and our 4 year old Bryant HVAC, purchased from Perfect Air. Scott Boise,Idaho

Randy Hikida
Randy Hikida 5.0

Excellent quality workmanship with professional demeanor and very responsive.

Terrie Redkey
Terrie Redkey 5.0

This is the first time I've used this company and I was very impressed! On time, extremely thorough, and friendly.

Stephen Thomas
Stephen Thomas 5.0

Brandon Dismuke
Brandon Dismuke 5.0

Larry Pietz
Larry Pietz 5.0

Travis was very professional and complete with his service!

Deanna Belanger
Deanna Belanger 5.0

Perfect Plumbing & Heating's maintenance plan is great! They provide quality, professional service every time I see them. Keep up the great work!

joy zimmerman golden
joy zimmerman golden 5.0

On a Saturday the technician came and help set up my ecobee system. So helpful friendly and very knowledgeable Would recommend Perfect Plumbing and Heating. They do our AC and furnace ck routinely. And the office staff are also so helpful. She kept me ...informed that he was on the way. We will always use them.Read More...

Alex Kopack
Alex Kopack 5.0

We worked with Ken and appreciated all his feedback and help! Very responsive and professional company to work with.

GLEN Grant
GLEN Grant 5.0

Was late BUT it was OK. Technician gave me some instruction and I knew just what to do. Didn't charge me. Thanks very much.