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Perfect Plumbing Heating Air
Davina Snow
Davina Snow 5.0

Mark and Karen Parkinson
Mark and Karen Parkinson 3.0

5 stars for the repair people 1 star for the office / scheduling staff 3 weeks later I am still trying to get my sink repair completed. Twice I have sat at home thinking they would be there that day. This company is also really aggressive with ...up-selling and I would be done with them altogether, except that the repair people themselves - once they get here - do a great job. Details: The repair person was fabulous. He fixed what he could then needed to order new parts and return. The breakdown came with the scheduling and phone service. Every time I called during regular business hours the person I contacted said "I can't help with that. Someone will call you back." We played phone tag continually. Or they forgot to call me back. Twice they told me they'd be there on a certain day. Once they called to cancel and once when I asked them to also schedule a furnace tune up they deleted the plumbing appointment and only scheduled the tune up.Read More...

Corey Furin
Corey Furin 5.0

John was our technician and he was very thorough and knowledgeable. He didn’t push for sales but was very open about what he was seeing and what he would recommend but left it up to us to decide how we wanted to move forward.

Christina Arpp
Christina Arpp 5.0

Margaret Meide
Margaret Meide 5.0

Very satisfied with the heater maintenance provided by Perfect Plumbing. This is the third time Kevin, the technician, has been to my home for routine maintenance, on the HVAC system. Kevin is professional, knowledgeable and respectful. The Perfect ...Plumbing office staff are also very helpful and professional in handling all my questions, and reminding me of necessary/recommeded, maintenance. Can with confidence recommend this company.Read More...

Venie Miyasato
Venie Miyasato 5.0

I have the best experience with Perfect Heating and Air. Kevin was with his PPE gear prior to entering the home. He did a thorough check from the attic to the unit outside. Thank you Kevin for all the information you left for me and to your ...recommendations and great work. I will definitely recommend Perfect Plumbing Heat and Air to my friends and neighbors.Read More...

Robert Sanders
Robert Sanders 5.0

Cathy Sellars
Cathy Sellars 5.0

Time and again, Perfect Plumbing has proven to be very professional, working hard to give their customers the best service. Every technician is timely, knowledgeable and friendly.

Jamie Lacivita
Jamie Lacivita 5.0

Technician did a through examination and a good job laying out options. Helpful information with little sales pressure.

Laura LaForte
Laura LaForte 5.0

Super nice, on time and informative. Would hire again!

Kathryn Kopp
Kathryn Kopp 5.0

Steve was very nice, quick and clean. The service was excellent.

Kayla Keller
Kayla Keller 5.0

Ocean breeze plays roblox
Ocean breeze plays roblox 5.0

Shirl Enger
Shirl Enger 5.0

Donovan explained the work to be done, did the work and then explained what he did and the deficiencies in the system. He gave me clear choices. All in all, the experience was very positive.

Brian Williams
Brian Williams 5.0

Tony D
Tony D 5.0

John Martinez showed up on time and brought everything necessary to service my furnace and water softener. He carried everything in and performed the service as expected. I love the Purple plan maintenance service that I receive!

Doris Williams
Doris Williams 5.0

Very professional and efficient . Fixed the issue, pointed out a few items that would require repair or replacement in the near future. I would highly recommend Allen Grengs as a technician and Perfect Plumbing Heating and Air for your plumbing needs.

Doug Allen
Doug Allen 5.0

We appreciated the friendly service and willingness to explain our system and needs.

Bernard Rekiere
Bernard Rekiere 4.0

Dan did an extensive review, explained well, honest and down to earth

Deep Midnight
Deep Midnight 1.0

The Carrier Unit is awesome, PPHAAP is pretty bad. Update. We just found a pile of garbage that they left for us in the crawlspace. Perfect Plumbing, Heating and Air by A1 Plumbing recently installed a new Carrier/Bryant air conditioning unit and coil. ... The unit itself is super great; its colder than the old unit and uses less electricity. We are absolutely thrilled with it! And…this company gives a veteran discount which saved us about $700.00; the fact that their prices are higher than their competitors maybe just makes our install comparable – though Carrier is definitely worth the extra costs. We did encounter some problems. The salesman seemed to get upset when we asked him about the itemized listing of what was to be done; you know, the bill before we paid for it; he sort of blew up during our meeting and, with a tone, randomly started taking options out of the list, without telling us what he was adding or removing, saying ‘well if you really want to cut costs, we can remove this or that or this’. At that point we hadn’t seen the list so we had no idea what he was adding or removing. Despite his bizarre behavior, we elected to proceed with the install because we knew that Carrier is a well-known company who makes reliable and long lasting units. We had to call the office to get that itemized listing, after the install and after the money was sent. In fact, the salesman seemed less interested in making sure we understood what we were paying for, and more interested in making a sell; although he did repeatedly say that the owner of the company wanted to make sure each install was perfect. In which case, if the owner is reading, know that we do not view this as a prefect install or sale. Within any company, there seems to be a disconnect between sales and install; PPHAAP is not the exception to this rule. Several items that the sales rep promised were not fulfilled and required follow-up service calls. The result being to leave the system as it is instead of reinstalling it, and send us a letter of guarantee that if this unit malfunctions because of the way it was installed, upon river rocks instead of flat compacted earth, we would not be responsible for the damages. Regarding the install, several more items that the techs promised were not fulfilled. They came out without adequate supplies, and the wrong size coil; somehow they didn’t have new air filters and gravel for the line drains. It took PPHAAP a couple of days to get us the new air filters; I purchased and installed the gravel for the line drains myself. Additionally, the install tech said he needed to check our carbon monoxide alarms as a part of the install package, but never did. This said, however, when the new air filters finally got here, they gave us enough for a years worth of use, which we are happy about. Overall, and all stories I had heard about them aside, dealing with this company gave us an awesome and reliable unit but also left us feeling strange about the deal. It was very much the case that they didn’t want us to see or gain a copy of that itemized listing – parts, install fees, and etc, nor adequately give us the model number for the unit itself. Instead they seemed to only want to give us the overall total and general operating specs. While their office staff was prompt and friendly, it took a few attempts to explain to them something that should be common – ie how much we paid for labor, how much we paid for the unit, what options we elected and which did we decline – pretty common request for invoice. As for stories I have heard about them, apparently they have been selling a certain size unit and then installing smaller ones. Again we are thrilled with the unit and its performance. We are not so thrilled with PPHAAP. All things considered, though, I think they should get a 4 star rating; the forth star because it was a Carrier system. Otherwise I am afraid I would have had to give them a 3 or lower.Read More...

Maurie Denner
Maurie Denner 5.0

John & Erma Hultman
John & Erma Hultman 5.0

Linda Smith
Linda Smith 5.0

Excellent service. He checked everything we asked him to do and explained all service rendered to our satisfaction. Thanks, Jake!

Natalya Heisey
Natalya Heisey 1.0

I am currently in a rental and our master bathroom toilet started leaking. I contacted Perfect Plumbing Heating & Air on a Tuesday (since our landlord is in California, he allows us to schedule these things to work around our schedule) to come out and ...fix the issue. They came out Thursday, said they could fix the issue, but wanted to check out our water heater too. Gave several different quotes of work that needed to be done (really only one of which had anything to do with the toilet issue) and told us they needed the verbal okay from our landlord, and he left. Feeling this is totally reasonable, we contacted him, and he called the company to give his okay for the cheapest work that would solve the leaking toilet issue. I then called and rescheduled for them to come out again to fix the toilet, which was set for the next day (Friday). Received confirmation text and e-mail from the company. Friday came and went, no call no show. Luckily we have a second bathroom so this is merely an inconvenience, but am truly disappointed this is how the situation worked out. Now we are out $40 and our toilet issue continues.Read More...

Angelique Billman
Angelique Billman 5.0

Terry Madden
Terry Madden 5.0

Sydny Sherer
Sydny Sherer 5.0

Perfect Plumbing heating and air did a great job on both inspecting my 29 year old system and giving me options to replace Said system. The installers were great, Paul and his teammate were super knowledgeable and professional, he even gave me some ...baseline knowledge on how a central air system functions. The follow up call by David was great too. Not the least expensive but the quality of work can’t be better.Read More...

Bob And Mitzi Holt
Bob And Mitzi Holt 5.0

Trevor did an awesome job. We appreciate the timeliness. He really helped us out. Thank you

Deb Garber
Deb Garber 4.0

Nick Ohare
Nick Ohare 5.0

Service technician Trevor came to do an annual plumbing inspection .. I receive the text that he was coming and would be arriving within a half hour in which he did... very professional and thorough with the whole assessment of my plumbing. Minor ...stuff was found in which I could take of myself. He wrote up a very reasonable repair quote in case I didn’t want to do it myself.Read More...

Linda Polk
Linda Polk 5.0

Asukulu Etoka
Asukulu Etoka 5.0

Jim Perez
Jim Perez 5.0

Tom Scott was knowledgeable, professional, and displayed a pleasant demeanor. He answered all my questions. Explained the issues w/ my water heater and disposal and gave me plenty of options to rectify the problem. I never once felt pressured to buy. ...And he explained the pros and cons w/ the various options. I will be happy to have Tom come out again should the need arise. Thank you for your service and the various Lady’s in the office who I had contact w/, including Nicole who went to great lengths to explain your maintenance plan and set up the service call. Great service, great products, and great people. Perfect... definitely living up to your business name! 😃 JPRead More...

Connie Tilley
Connie Tilley 5.0

P Orcutt
P Orcutt 5.0

We just had a ductless heating and cooling system installed which was not a small project due to the unique architecture of our home. Justin, Chris, and Josh worked tirelessly during extremely warm conditions in the attic and they stayed well into the ...evening to ensure we were able to use the new system and enjoy the new cooling system. Masks were used at all times along with shoe coverings. We felt as though we were in very professional hands through the complete installation. We are LOVING our new system.Read More...

Ty Lunday
Ty Lunday 5.0

Great service. Jeff was my technician and he quickly installed a new kitchen sink faucet with no issues. Easy to work with. I was given a discount for being a member as well as for them having to reschedule the appointment earlier in the week. Hassle ...free and would recommend to anyoneRead More...

Lisa Batt
Lisa Batt 5.0

Preston was very knowledgeable and fair in the work he did. Work was completed in a very timely manor and with excellent skill and quality. Will definitely use Preston and Perfect Plumbing again. Thanks for a job well done!!

Parker Family
Parker Family 5.0

Trish Miller
Trish Miller 5.0

Great service from Trevor. Friendly, knowledgeable, explained the options and completed the work to our satisfaction.

William Moore
William Moore 5.0

This is the second time I have had John Martinez make a service call to my house. He represents his company in a professional manor. Meaning he does not try to force anything on you but honestly let you know what the the situation is and how to fix it, ...there is no pressure form him to do something. It is up to you as to how much you want to do. In addition to his professional presentation he is also a very personable individual. He will take the time to explain everything to someone who does not understand. he is willing to help you, not just sell you. Your other technicians the at have come out have been fine but John Martinez is a cut above and is a valued staff member of your organization.Read More...

James McDoodle
James McDoodle 5.0

Scott Richardson
Scott Richardson 5.0

Tom Hawksworth
Tom Hawksworth 5.0

Trevor loosened our water filter canister that I couldn't budge. He also gave advice on replacing the filter and other tips. Very helpful and professional.

Amber Falcon
Amber Falcon 5.0

Tory Smith
Tory Smith 5.0

Arthur Wilson
Arthur Wilson 5.0

Heating and air Specialist Jake was very knowledgeable and professional. Arrived on time, got right down to work and completed the work in a professional manner, discussed all work he completed and cleaned his work areas after completion. Perfect Air ...installed my unit 6 years ago and are the only people I have work on it. They have kept it running great since the install.Read More...

Kathleen Li
Kathleen Li 5.0

I have had fantastic service over the past two months. After moving into a new home, we found many plumbing, heating and AC needs, all a result of deferred maintenance. Perfect Plumbing has been timely, responsive, professional and they are taking all ...Corona virus safety precautions during this time. They make me feel good about the needed repairs and their work.Read More...

Terri Baisch
Terri Baisch 5.0

Ami Tain
Ami Tain 5.0

Linda Richcreek
Linda Richcreek 5.0

Peter Shirley
Peter Shirley 5.0

We've always had a great experience with Perfect Plumbing. They repaired our sewer main shortly after we moved onto our house seven years ago, and have performed many services for us since. Their folks are always courteous and professional, and they get ...the job done right. Today's review was sparked by a plumbing repair performed by Tom from Perfect Plumbing. Tom arrived a little faster than we expected, listened carefully to what we needed, and got the repair done fast. We're delighted with the work Tom did for us!Read More...

David Jensen
David Jensen 5.0

We had Perfect Air come and check our furnace for it's annual inspection. We have a humidifier that we weren't sure was working. Scott, the technician, came and serviced our furnace and humidifier. We were discussing allergies and he suggested we try a ...product called Phenomenal Aire. He was able to come to install it the very next day. We were very pleased with the work and service we received from Scott and Perfect Air. They are excellent about following up on their service and want to know if the service was done well. We've always had good service from Perfect Air and are happy with the heating and plumbing services we have purchased from them. Our thermostat stopped communicating with our AC so called our favorite repair folks at Perfect Air. They sent Kevin out to solve our problem. Kevin was very thorough in his examination of the system and found the AC was not getting power to the unit. After careful examination he found that the breaker switch in our fuse box needed to be reset and then worked to find out why the breaker switch had turned off. Kevin worked on diagnosing our system for over an hour. I thought the bill would be really steep but proved to be what the secretary told me as the cost of the service charge. We were very pleased at the reasonable rate and the quick response to our problem. We decided to purchase the extended service contract which will save us some money on further calls and repairs.Read More...

brian 5.0

Mike Shore
Mike Shore 5.0

Paddy Rogers
Paddy Rogers 5.0

Olivia Humeston
Olivia Humeston 1.0

My first experience with perfect plumbing was great! And due to that first experience I called them again when we needed a leak repaired. I wish I could say we experienced the same this time. I'm not sure what changed over the course of the year but ...their pricing is outrageous. Additionally after several tests to locate the leak done on our own we knew where it was coming from. I communicated this to our plumber and he refused to believe us. Upon him wasting an hour of time he finally conceded it was in fact coming from the location we had found. Will not be using them again.Read More...

Lisa Hill
Lisa Hill 2.0

Techs that have come out several times in the past year have been great. However, i had a dishwasher install scheduled for today (waited a week to do) was changed without notice, i found out because I called to see when they would be here. I was going ...to have new furnace and AC installed this year as well however, I now choose to go elsewhere. They just don't seem to care unless its a high dollar service.Read More...

Eric Carr
Eric Carr 5.0

Carl Fee
Carl Fee 5.0

Solid Company focused on customer satisfaction. I had a big job done on my house and I was impressed with their quality and teamwork. I trust them to do a good job.

Kathy Williams
Kathy Williams 5.0

William Mullane
William Mullane 5.0

Allen did a great job of assessing our plumbing needs and quickly installing what we needed. He was on time and very professional. It was a pleasure working with him.

Richard Brown
Richard Brown 5.0

The team at Perfect Plumbing is great. Scheduling and related notifications were done well. The technicians are professional, courteous and friendly. They were very Covid-19 aware and wore their masks and safety gear the entire time they were at our ...home. They work efficiently and the quality of their work is excellent. This is the third time we have used their service and we would recommend them to anyone with plumbing needs.Read More...

Maria Niglio
Maria Niglio 5.0

Rick Polenske
Rick Polenske 5.0

Gary Dick
Gary Dick 5.0

Eric Owens
Eric Owens 5.0

Steve was very professional and informative. He spent time crawling under the house looking for a leak and informing me about what he found. He wore shoe covers and a face mask. All in all, he was very professional and helpful. I would use Perfect ...Plumbing for all my plumbing needs in the future.Read More...

Leia Neely
Leia Neely 5.0

Ken is a rockstar! Friendly, fast, and took the time to make sure things were done right. Replaced parts that other techs might have left untouched with higher quality parts.

Norma Hope
Norma Hope 5.0

Breck 5.0

Knowledgeable and friendly staff

Christine Petersen
Christine Petersen 5.0

Kevin was very thorough on our heating and air inspection. He was very informative. We have dealt with Perfect Plumbing on other jobs and they have always been spot on and they have great customer service. I would definitely recommend them for your ...heating and ac needs. They are great for plumbing needs as well.Read More...

Lindsy Cenarrusa
Lindsy Cenarrusa 5.0

I have used A1 heating and air for several years now. They are always very professional and thorough. I feel confident in their maintenance, and know my system will be running smoothly with their help. Today was no exception, Donovan did a great job! He ...wore his mask at all times, and felt great about his service.Read More...

Monte King
Monte King 5.0

The whole experience with Perfect was awesome! Ken did great work and explained everything done very clearly! The ease of making an appointment was amazing! Top notch products and work! I highly recommend for any HVAC or plumbing needs!

Mark Berns
Mark Berns 5.0

Employees were very knowledgeable, respectful, thorough., Thoughtful with installation of Furnace & Air Condition.We would recommend to any of our family and neighbors.

Jessica Hampton
Jessica Hampton 5.0

Had perfect plumbing out for a tune up service! Best company I have ever used! I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone!

Kev 5.0

Susan Bolen
Susan Bolen 5.0

Josh came over for my annual plumbing check up. He was right on time, actually even a few minutes early. He was personable, informative and it was a delightful interaction.

Cheryl Hobbs
Cheryl Hobbs 5.0

Called to have them look at a gas leak on the cooktop and a drain leak they came out did an inspection of multiple whole house issues and for a reasonable price did the repair.

Tori Weyand
Tori Weyand 5.0

They were so nice and so diligent and very communicative! I really appreciated it. Such great customer service and support. Will definitely use them for all of our future needs in these departments!

Anthony Martinelli
Anthony Martinelli 5.0

My technician John was very friendly and knowledgeable answered many questions I had for him and explained to me how the heating unit is also the fan system for my air conditioning. He went through everything he did one item at a time and explained ...everything completely. I've had this service for 3 years now and I'm very happy to have it they've always done a very thorough job.Read More...

Nancy St. Clair
Nancy St. Clair 5.0

Very friendly did an amazing job!

Marie Bobinski
Marie Bobinski 5.0

Very professional, good prices, will definitely use again

Kevin O'Neill
Kevin O'Neill 5.0

Brian Catter
Brian Catter 5.0

These guys are professional and efficient. It's been a pleasure working with them every time I call.

Melissa Miller
Melissa Miller 5.0

Perfect Plumbing folks were great...office folks kept us up to date with reminders for our service and the guys arrived on time and were super. They were very knowledgeable, professional, personal and answered all our questions regarding our AC system. ...Very happy overall.Read More...

Jen reynolds
Jen reynolds 5.0

Nano Fig
Nano Fig 5.0

I hired this company to replace my AC and furnace a few months ago but decided to wait a couple months before writing a review to ensure everything keeps functioning as the first day. I have no complaints at all, Paul Roll is a real Heating and Air ...Expert, very professional, knowledgeable and precise on the work he does. Also Colton K and Josh M did neat jobs assisting with installations. The equipment works as amazing as expected and I am happy with all the service provided. Highly recommended if you plan to invest your money wisely.Read More...

Judy McGee
Judy McGee 5.0

Great company. They sent a picture of the service person before they arrived so we knew who to expect. I love that!

Karey Davison
Karey Davison 5.0

Called for service at 9am and had a new water heater installed by 12pm. Very impressed with the speedy service 😀

Make it So
Make it So 5.0

Technical Furnace Tune-up and Safety check done by Chris: Chris has been great. He is very skilled. In both Heating and Cooling systems. Knows all the tech stuff. Very easy to understand and communicate with. He represents the best of Perfect ...Plumbing-Heating-Air.Read More...

Chad Norton
Chad Norton 5.0

Technician was knowledgeable service was fast, no more leaky rusted water heater this one should last years and the installation was excellent

Terri Clements
Terri Clements 5.0

Great service. And happy to work with a good company very efficient throughout . Definitely took the time to make sure I was taken care of with all my needs.

Jill McCaul
Jill McCaul 5.0

Great experience with Perfect plumbing. Tom was very helpful and explained everything in detail. He didn't mind answering my many questions. I would definitely refer Tom at perfect plumbing to my friends and family.

Ernest Hoidal
Ernest Hoidal 5.0

Jean Littlefield
Jean Littlefield 5.0

Jake was great will call them again.

Dr. Rick Chromey
Dr. Rick Chromey 3.0

Elizabeth Hammar
Elizabeth Hammar 5.0

Professional, courteous, prompt. The Service Tech, Al, went the extra mile by capturing and sending a photo of the source of the problem for my documentation.

Jonathan Newsom
Jonathan Newsom 5.0

We simply made ourselves some new friends. Of course our AC crashed and died on the hottest day of the year. Our experience was so great when Ryan Kennedy replaced our water heater and repaired the under kitchen sink plumbing that we signed up for the ...Purple Plan. What timing! All of the technicians who visited our home, Chris Ridener, Greg Reno, John Martinez, John Wasson, Josh Moran, Nicholas Carlsen ( I hope that was all of them), were all perfectly awesome. We couldn't have gotten better service. Now, we have hot water in the kitchen, as well as a new tankless hot water heater to provide endless hot water to as many as three places at once, the house is comfortable again, and we finally solved our heating and cooling problems in our school room. Thank you, Perfect Plumbing, for a job well done. Jon and RoseRead More...

Samantha Hale
Samantha Hale 5.0

Thank you Donovan, Tony, Ryan , Greg, and Jace and to all the guys I missed. We had a heater and water heater that was over 15 years old so replacing both at the same time wasn't great ,but you guys made it a little easier to deal with. You really took ...the time to do it right, and the whole family is very happy.Read More...

Robby Robertson
Robby Robertson 5.0

Service Tech was on time and very professional in what he does. Service with a smile. Told me if I have any questions don't be afraid to ask. Told us what he will be doing today on the unit. Told me the furnace is in tip top shape. Thank you for ...your help and service today.Read More...

Linda Dunaway
Linda Dunaway 5.0

Had garbage disposal replaced and new pipes installed by Jeff. Very courteous and professional service ! Would highly recommend .