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Cost of a drain clearing in Boise

  • Low cost: $99
  • Average cost: $315
  • High cost: $700

Price factors

  • Accessibility and location of the clean out—The clean out is a pipe that allows an entrance point into the drainage system for drain clearing.
  • Plumbing removal—If we have to remove any plumbing to reach the drain, that increases the cost.
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  1. Schedule with ease

    Call (208) 629-5192 or contact us online to choose a time that works best for you.

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    No more waiting around! We will call you 30-45 min before your plumber arrives at your home.

  3. Roll out the red carpet

    Upon arrival, your uniformed plumber will put on shoe covers and roll out the red carpet to protect your home's floor.

  4. Get upfront pricing

    Your plumber will do a full inspection of your plumbing to find the problem. Then they'll present you with options and pricing for each—no surprises!

  5. We strive to provide same-day drain clearing services

    Relax while your plumber clears your drain and cleans up the work area. Our drain clearing is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Here's our promise to you: We'll deliver precisely the solution that you want for your drain clearing. And if we don't? We'll make things right.

DIY Fixes

Before you call, try these quick fixes:

  1. Use the right plunger: If you've tried clearing the drain with a plunger, make sure you're using the right kind. Cup plungers should be used for sinks; flanger plungers, for toilets.
  2. Plunge using water, not air: Ensure that the plunger is covered in water when you're plunging because you're trying to loosen the clog with water, like a hydraulic pump. Pour water into the sink or toilet until the plunger is covered.
  3. Plunge quickly and maintain a seal: Push and pull on the plunger's handle with quick, concentrated thrusts for 20 seconds without lifting it out of the drain.
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