Cost to Repair a Water Main in Boise

For a water main repair, most Boise homeowners will pay anywhere between $1,200 and $2,500.

However, sometimes a broken water main line will be beyond repair and needs to be replaced altogether. In this case, the cost to replace a water main ranges from $3,300 to $7,500+.

We know—those are pretty big price ranges.

That’s because the cost varies within those ranges due to the following factors:

  • Location of the leak
  • Severity of the leak
  • Restoration costs
  • Pulling permits
  • Plumber you hire

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Cost factor #1: Where the leak is located

If the broken water line is beyond the curb of your home, then it’s likely the city or water company’s responsibility to fix it.

However, if the water line is leaking on your property, then it is the homeowner’s responsibility.

Additionally, pipes buried deep underground or in difficult-to-access places are more expensive to repair. These pipes require more time and effort from the plumber, which raises the cost.

Cost factor #2: The severity of the leak

Water lines with small leaks or breaks are the cheapest to repair.

However, if you have long sections of pipe with severe leaks or breaks, you’ll most likely need to replace the pipe altogether, which raises the total cost of the project.

Not sure if your pipe needs to be replaced or repaired?

If the following situations apply to you, then you will probably need to replace (instead of repair) your water main:

  • The faulty pipe has been repaired before
  • You have leaks or breaks in multiple places
  • Your pipes are old (40+ years)
  • You have galvanized steel or lead pipes
  • The repair cost is 50% or more than the cost to replace the pipe

Cost factor #3: Restoration costs

If a plumber needs to excavate (dig) to repair or replace your broken pipe, then the total cost of the project will increase.

You’ll need to factor in restoration costs if your leak is located under…

  • Your home’s foundation
  • The lawn
  • The driveway
  • The flooring inside your home

Depending on the type of pipe you have and the severity of the leak, a plumber may use a trenchless method to repair or replace the broken pipe. This method is usually a little more expensive, but since it does not disrupt your home or lawn, overall it is the least expensive method.

Cost factor #4: Pulling permits

Boise local codes require a plumber to have a permit before they work on a home’s water main line.

Pulling the permits involves an additional fee, which most plumbers will bundle in with the total cost of the project.

Cost factor #5: The plumber you hire

The plumbing contractor you hire will also affect the total cost of the project.

Generally, high-quality plumbers with lots of experience charge more for their services than inexperienced plumbers who may cut corners.

The last thing you want to do is skimp on hiring a good plumber for this type of job. Hiring an inexperienced or shady plumber could cost you more in the long run if the repair/replacement is done incorrectly. You don’t want to pay for the same job twice!

Our recommendation is to find a high-quality, trustworthy plumber who…

  • Has been in business at least 10 years
  • Is licensed and insured
  • Gives you an upfront estimate in writing (so there are no surprises when you get the bill)
  • Has good customer reviews on sites like Better Business BureauFacebookGoogle and Yelp 

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