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Thermostat installation cost in Boise

  • Low: $250
  • Average: $300
  • High: $650

Thermostats we install:

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  1. Schedule with ease

    Call (208) 629-5192 or contact us online to choose a time that works best for you.

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    No more waiting around!  call you 30-45 min before your installer arrives at your home.

  3. See options + pricing

    Upon arrival, your installer will present you with thermostat options and prices for each.

  4. Hassle-free installation

    Once you choose an option, we strive to provide thermostat installation same-day service. 


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Here's our promise to you: We'll deliver precisely the solution that you want for your thermostat installation. And if we don't? We'll make things right.

DIY thermostat fixes

Want to salvage your current thermostat? Try this:

  1. Replace batteries (electric thermostat only): If your thermostat isn't lighting up at all, try changing the batteries.
  2. Clean the thermostat (mechanical thermostat only): Do you use a lever to move the temperature setting? If so, you have a mechanical thermostat. They often malfunction when they get too dusty. Try removing the cover and cleaning the thermostat off with a small brush.
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